Ace's Copyright Notice

Creative Commons has a license that's very close to the intent of the text below: the noncommercial license. In short you can do whatever you want as long as you are not doing it for commercial purposes. If you are doing it for commercial purposes, you'll need to ask. From here out, you can consider the works on this site to be licensed under the Creative Commons Noncommercial license.
22 March 2014

You can contact me by email. I have a gmail account. My name is Ace Medlock. I separate the names with a dot for that account. You can probably figure that out, and hopefully the spambots can't.
22 July 2015

My copyright policy is fairly simple.

If you want to use one of my images (or writing or whatever) for your own amusement and edification you may do so, and if it's even remotely convenient please give me credit for my part of the work. If you want to use it for something with which you hope/plan to make money, even a little bit of money, you need to ask me first. If you happen to accidently make any significant amount of money with something which you thought was just amusement and edification, be nice and share it with me.

This is pretty similar to the Creative Commons Noncommercial Share and Share Alike license. The difference is that I don't actually care how you license your derivitive work if it's also not for commercial gain. Keep it in your cellar. Lock it in a box made of plutonium and drop it in your shark pit... whatever you like. But if you're gonna make money on it... you gotta ask first.
28 Oct 2006

Photos taken after June 2010 are WAY too big to upload the whole thing. So, what you're seeing here are relatively low-res versions. The full-size versions of the new photos are 4592 x 3056px. The old ones (before June 2010) are 2272x1704, which is *just* big enough to print at 8"x10".