Amanita Muscaria Mandalas

What better mushroom to meditate upon than the inspiration for Wonderland? In truth, the Psilocyble mushrooms are said to be a much kinder hallucinogen - A. muscaria is certain to make you ill and has uncertain hallucinogenic properties - but that didn't stop Mr. Carroll from trying them and it doesn't stop me from using them for very psychedelic mandalas. Besides, their brilliantly colored form is much more pleasing than slimy little brown Psilocybes.

The following images all follow a similar theme. In essence, they use the "copy from the contour layer and paste" trick in various ways.

This uses the lichen from the background of a different photo, but its the same Amanita button as above.

The light areas in this mandala are created from the edge of a leaf from this photo:

The leaf is in the bottom left hand corner. The leaf turned out to be surprisingly pink when set next to the red Amanita, so I adjusted it a bit with the hue/saturation tool to make it a color more becoming of a proper dead leaf.

The following are three stages of the same image. I couldn't find a suitably multicolored chunk in my graphics library, so I swiped a little sliver off of a fractal image on L. Kerry Mitchell's web site. I think this constitutes fair use. If Mr. Mitchell disagees, I'll remove these guys.

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