Gloomy art

It seems appropriate to use images from the Kutna Hora ossuary in Sedlec as source material for mandalas. Long ago a monk got to be a bit touched and made art out of human remains. It somehow seems in keeping to continue the tradition.

This was an attempt to use the stretched images of the bones to create an unsettling impression without it being immediately obvious that you were looking at bits of dead people. I don't know that either effect was achieved, but it makes a neat pattern.

The chain of the chandolier, made of jawbones strung together, made all sorts of interesting, interlocking patterns.

I was trying to use a couple of tricks, here - adjusting the opacity of the clipboard object, and replicating the contour layer. I'm not sure that the end result is all that great, but its kind of interesting. The bottom layer is all skulls, taken from this image:

This one worked out better, I think. This was a pattern I noticed while shifting around a part of the chandolier.

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