I've Taken a Lichen to Mandala Painter

I decided to try the trick I'd learned with the sea shells on the mushroom images. The ones with interesting backgrounds seemed the most promising, and the lichens seemed likely (or is that lichley?).

I did not expect the mushrooms to end up being a significant part of this mandala, but there they are. In a rare moment of "content to leave well enough alone," I elected to leave the background a solid color, rather than fill it with more mushrooms or lichen or falling leaves or whatever. At the last moment I decided to give it better symmetry, though, and I think it is the better for it.

The natural shape of the lichen in this image reminded me a lot of the traditional Indian mandala symbols. In the following images, I attempted to expound upon that idea.

I also like this photo a bunch, all by itself.

The concept of a traditional-looking mandala made from photos, utilizing the natural connections between the pieces, became the basis for all of my favorite mandalas. I really like the way this one looks nearly natural - like perhaps the lichen just happened to grow into a mandala pattern.

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