Plants, the butterfly effect, and more PINK

The alien, wavy fronds of the alpine pasqueflower seemed like an excellent start for a mandala.

What I didn't expect, though, was that the lines made by the fronds would give an effect very similar to traditional mandalas.

This one has also had its symmetry corrected. By now I was getting better about thinking ahead to that stage of the process, and making mandalas that were more bilatarally symmetrical.

Different flower, same idea.

I like the contrast between the shadowed plants and the brightly lit mountain. I think I still like the original photo a bit better than the mandala, but such is life.

The mandala makes this butterfly's wings look even more like leaves.

These guys live at Second Beach, without a doubt the best tidepooling beach I've been to.

There are some lovely antifreeze-green anenomes there, too, but the ones I happened to get a good, clear photo of were, of course, pink.

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