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Back to the theme of "petals" I tried working with a couple more flower images.

The river is called, appropriately, the White River. It is this strange shade of marble grey due to the suspended silt ground by glaciers. I liked the white flowers on the white river, and I really like the swirling, whirlpool effect in the mandala.

But, as much as I like the smoothness of the other, I like the odd geometry of this one. This just sort of "happened" while I was moving around the pieces to make the previous one, and I called it "done" with just a bit of tinkering to finish out the corners.

This photo of a begonia at the Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC seemed like a good start to a mandala.

It proved to be surprisingly difficult to work with. It was easy to make something that looked like an unnaturally symmetrical flower, but hard to make anything that looked sufficiantly abstract for my tastes. Add to that that it's disturbingly pink, one good mandala was all I had the patience for.

The branches of the alpine trees had worked so well, I decided to try the roots and moss of this nurse stump. It proved a little harder to get good patterns, probably because it's lower contrast over all, but I liked this one.

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