Something fishy...

This one, although it is simple, is one of my favorite mandalas. The fish bones really make a wonderful pattern.

The original photo definitely has a sort of minimalist coffe table book feel to it, too. These were just lying around on the beach, looking exactly as they do in the photo.

Once again, I was somewhat surprised to find that the purple shell, which is clearly the center of attention in this photo, was not a particularly good image source for the mandala. It was too easy to let the purple overwhelm the other patterns in the mandala.

Still using the same image, but this time with only the barest hint of the purple shell. I can't decide if I like this one better before or after making it symmetrical.

I had not even particularly noticed the lovely little blue and blue- black rocks in this photo when I took it - the pieces are actually very tiny, probably at 2-3x zoom. But they certainly leap out in the mandalas...

I found myself endlessly entertained by looking for "patterns" formed by the rocks and shells. With these mandalas, I found myself just grabbing random sections of the photo and seeing what popped out, without any preconcieved notions of what I was looking for. Very Zen.

A different part of the same beach.

This one I think could have been just as prolific, but I just didn't play with it as much.

Not technically from the sea, but watery enough. This is an image of the moss in the outflow of Baker Hot Springs. What gives it the white color? Does anyone really want to think about that as they are soaking in the tepid, murky, sulfurous waters?

This is also evidence that symmetry can be imposed even on the 11x mandalas, but not a true symmetry. It also requires a little creativity to make it look passable. In this case I've done the cut and paste in two sections, the center and the outside.

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