The Vatican

A few more miscellanious pictures of things past the Chapel.

Vatican, relics

The Pope smokes dope! A collection of one-hitters and jars for separating the schwag from the kind bud, and even a little bong (third from left). No, not really. These are items from the reliquary - storage containers for tiny bits of dead saints, such as finger bones or a bit of skin. No, I'm not kidding about that one.

Vatican, cherubs and bird painting

For some reason, small children torturing large birds seems to be the theme of this room.

Vatican, cherubs and bird painting


Vatican, Eric, gift shop

The baroque style continues into the gift shop, but the quality takes a decided turn for the worse.

Vatican, Eric, celestial globe, and armory cabinets

I really liked this celestial globe. Eric hadn't noticed it until I pointed it out. He had been looking at the cabinets lining the entire wall of this long hallway. A small sign explained that they had been the Vatican's armory cabinets. They are still locked, who knows if they would still function in a pinch.

Vatican, terrestial globe, here be dragons

A close up of the nearby terrestial globe, near Bermuda. Here be dragons. I think the things below the dragon are mermaids, but I'm not certain.

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