thumbGarden 2016
thumbFinland 2016
thumbUS trip 2016: Yellowstone
thumbStromboli 2016
thumbUS trip 2015: Blacksmithing and Alaska
thumbChristmas 2014
thumbWine making in Portugal 2014
thumbSaint Petersburg 2014
thumb101 Photos of Brazil
Italy 2012: Naples Museum, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Pisa
Naples Museum
Fungus of the world! Our autumn vacation photos
thumbSpain and Portugal - the way to the Rainbow, page 1 and thumb page 2
thumbKeukenhof - the Netherlands' world-famous tulip garden
thumbHortus botanicus - Amsterdam's botanical garden, with my mom
thumbZaanse Schans - visiting the windmills and the Amstelpark
thumbDerby - merry old England, with sheep
thumbChurches of Amsterdam - last day of home vacation for my mom's visit
thumbArtis 2010 - my birthday trip to the zoo
thumbBudapest 2010 - our weekend trip to Budapest to see the Dalai Lama
thumb101 photos from India - a quick page without commentary
thumbBeatrixpark - flowers and bugs
thumbAmsterdam and the Amsterdamse Bos
thumbPhotos from the garden, with some experiments in focus stacking
thumbMidwest 2010 p.1, the second week of our summer vacation, with a comparison of lenses
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thumbphotos from Washington 2010, the first week of our summer vacation, with a comparison of the Nikon D5000 and Sony alpha 550 cameras.


Sue's mask

thumbhome vacation in the Netherlands May 2010

thumbphotos from Sarajevo September 2009

thumbMushroom photos autumn 2009

thumbAmsterdam in October 2009, misc photos

thumbIntocht van Sinterklaas 2009, with the Piet Parade

thumbWarwick Castle from Nov 2009

thumbMisc pix from Dec 2009

thumbParis in December 09 - p.1
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thumbMuidersloot Castle in March 2009

thumbHoge Veluwe p.1 in September 2009 - mushrooms and Van Goghs, what's not to like?
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thumbAmsterdamse Bos in October 2009

thumbWashington and Zandvoort, vacation pictures 2009

thumbTexel island, mostly more mushrooms

thumbMushrooms near the AMC, my school

thumbMushrooms in the Gaasperpark, September 08

thumbMushrooms in the Amsterdamse Bos, August 08

thumbValkenburg gemeente grot, a disused mine turned into a public art project

thumbNatuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht

thumbBog bodies and a hunebed, photos from the Drents museum and a nearby hunebed

thumbThe Terra Cotta Army, as seen in the Drents museum in Assen

thumbphotos from Washington, the rest of the trip

thumbElkhorn campground, camping in Washington

thumbKansas City, misc photos

thumbThe Trevi Fountain, Rome '06.

thumbThe Pantheon, more from Rome in '06.

thumbAmsterdam in 2005, a few photos not previously classified.

thumbKansas City Bugs and a few foreign friends


thumbPhotos from May 08 - mostly from the Gaasperplas, but also along the Reigersbospad and a few others

thumbThe Palatine Hill

thumbRoman Forum part 2

thumbMiscellanious photos from April 2008.

thumbPhotos from the Gaasperplas, with a few extras.

thumbPhotos from the Colosseum of Rome.

An American Health Care System: Not a pretty picture. An essay on the American health care system and what we ought to be doing about it.

A page for my fractal art: mostly contributions to the Electric Sheep project, but also the fractal used in the cover art for Gaia Consort's Vitus Dance!

And, I just have to say, I finally got the text to line up properly using CSS! Yay!

Sheepish tips: Instructions (as best as I know them) for making your own sheep, plus things I've learned along the way.

National Museum of Rome - Terme di Diocleziano

Amsterdam in November including Sinterklaas pictures!

Largo Argentina, March 2006

Vatican pictures part II, a few more miscellanious pictures from the Vatican.

Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, March 2006

The Vatican, our first visit. Includes the Dome and the rooms on the way to the Cistene chapel.

Churches near the Imperial Fora. March 2006.

The Imperial Fora of Rome, March 2006

The Victor Emmanuel II Monument in Rome, Italy.

Den Haag pictures from 15 Oct 2006. This is my first page written in real, live xhtml with css.

Roman Forum pictures from March 2006.

Pictures from 8-26-06: A visit to the Simonehoeve cheese and clog factory.

Nethack Ascention Story - read only if you like playing Nethack or you're very, very bored.

Mandalas made in Mandala Painter.

Mushroom Photos from the last six years.

Best Photos from the last six years

Europe 2003 photos from our first trip to Europe

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