Photos from Den Haag II


I think this is just an ordinary polypore growing in an unusual place. While polypores normally are semicircles growing on the sides of trees, this one is circular with its attachment at the center. Unfortunately, my close-ups of this one were a bit blurry.

twisted trees

The trees in this stretch of woods were growing into wonderful shapes. I don't know what inspired these oaks to grow in such a crooked fashion, but they certainly are amazing to see.

twisted trees

Looking up into the twisted trees.


And I even took a photo of a flower.

mycelia growing in wood

But of course we were soon back to the fungi. This photo is mainly to capture the mycelia growing through the stick below the mushroom. This one is obviously fond of growing on wood.

I liked the tiny pin growing on the side of this already-tiny mushroom.

mushroom pin

I really like this shot of the tiny mushroom growing in the moss and grass. I think this is a Mycena species, but I'm not sure.

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